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Oct. 19th, 2029 02:33 am
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Hey, this is Vicki. Sorry I missed you. Leave me a message, I'll call you back.
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Because she's not going forget or miss it. And she's not going to give him something really facepalm-worthy (like clothes) or ridiculous (like the latest Elizabeth Fitzroy novel), and she certainly isn't getting him something like a book of spells (although the fact that the idea occurred to her might be worth mentioning for the laugh) what Tony gets for this birthday is a small, but reasonably high-quality semi-professional DV camera - thank you, shipped directly from a supplier so that her scent on it doesn't make Henry edgy (or sad) thus ruining the occasion. Or something like that.

The note is... well.


I'm pretty certain that by now you can get one for yourself if you want. However, my impression is that things recently have been a bit busy, so you might not have gotten around to picking one out. But my guess is that one of these days you'll wake up and your fingers will itch to do something of your own; this could be convenient enough to just whip out and just go ahead.

Or, of course, you can chuck it in a corner or in your backpack or whatever and forget about it. At least it won't start growing flora or fauna... for a while.

Anyway. Happy birthday. It's good that you're around, and I hope you get many more. And have a good one. And communicate, dammit.

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No idea if it's friend or foe, anymore.
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Don't let me make you slip.

ooc: Brought to you by Dylan Neal's role on Human Target. Think of Mike's 'I destroyed evidence' on the couch in her office, if you will?


Feb. 10th, 2010 09:53 am
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"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": An RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread
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It was odd, how she both lost it - the light of day, at least - forever and - in a different way - regained it with her new sight.
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It wasn't that difficult a thing. Hell, well, she knew it sometimes was, but she'd learned her lessons. It wasn't necessary to have an emergency or a question or something like that, in order to call people.

You could do it just so, too.

Which is why, after Mike was asleep, and since she had no outstanding case tonight (yet), she made sure it would be after sunset in Vancouver, picked up her cell, and dialed Henry's number.

No sweat.
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Vicki wasn't entirely certain how they had ended up deciding to drive cross-country, instead of fly, but she wasn't sure she was about to complain.

It meant more time for her with Mike, and for all that she perfectly understood his need to put some distance between, well, her and his work, she'd missed him, and these would be a few days... she would make sure he got appropriate rest, as the only driver between them (her fingernails dug into her palm thinking of just why she couldn't drive, and how her sight had gotten even worse-- no, no thinking of it right now), so it would take a bit of time to reach Vancouver, and... yeah. No jobs getting in the way and mixing things up.

On the other hand, if things got closer than wanted anticipated, there were no jobs to escape to as topics of conversation. Or maybe she could bring up old cases or something.

Oh well. She'd think of something. She settled on the passenger seat, the familiar outline of Mike's profile against the window, and smiled a bit as she put on her seat belt.

"Hi. Ready for the long drive?"

Oh, and among the things she probably wasn't going to mention even over the few days coming was that ... while she'd meant to, she hadn't actually mustered courage to call Henry and tell him they were coming. It would be... even if he turned them away, showing up there in Vancouver meant that she'd get to see him again. If he declined over the phone...

Yeah, Vicki Nelson wanted to see her vampire-- whatever he was. Or was going to be. And she was afraid of being rejected.
Go mind your own business, okay?
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So... Christmas plans are a go.

ooc: That applies to both TV!Show!Style, and Book!Style. Up to whatever inspiration strikes for which part will be played out when, etc.
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If you want your muse to get a present from mine for Christmas, comment here.

Feel free to use this for other muses that you know I have that I don't make such a post for.
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We might not be able to be exactly what we want to be, but we sure as hell can at least try be no less than we are.
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You Are Made Of Savvy, Attractiveness, and Dignity

3 parts Savvy
2 parts Attractiveness
1 part Dignity

And a Splash of Intuition

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Now, bets on who will laugh the longest at that third ingredient.
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The smug bastard didn't even lose that random private smile with the unexpectedly revealed knowledge that he'd missed a chance to satisfy his Hunger.

ooc: No occasion in particular, just an exercise to use all ten words of the prompt in a sentence; could be either style, but I'd say it's early days after she met Henry.

>.> Baa.

Nov. 3rd, 2009 10:19 am
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Roleplay Love Meme
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"I destroyed evidence," Mike confessed, and it hit Vicki that what she'd managed to achieve was destroy another good cop, even more, this good cop, and the helpless pain from that was almost physical.
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Vampires, demons, ghosts, zombies and all, she faces with fear that's surmountable, but even the thought of her straw vision dwindling to nothing, the coming morning when she'll wake up to complete darkness for the rest of her life, is enough to fill her with honest-to-God dread.
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